Landlords can be very difficult to get hold of, whether they’re an individual or an agent. Understanding the process helps speed it up, keeping both you, your landlord and the applicant happy.

All these questions really have been asked by our agent clients. If we haven’t answered yours, get in touch and let us know.

Q: Do you chase referees by phone?

A: Yes, our process for landlords and letting agents is the same as for employers: first they receive an automated email from, then we phone every day for the first working week until we receive the information we need.

Applications are kept open for a further week (two weeks in total) to allow landlords and letting agents to respond. If we haven’t heard at the end of two weeks the application will be closed.

Q: How long do you keep contact details for?

A: All contact details will be kept for 15 months in line with our Privacy Policy. Then the data will be destroyed in line with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Q: Why won’t you take verbal references?

A: We prefer all of our references (employment, landlord or letting agent) to be written references. It is a far more secure way of verifying the source of the reference. It also provides an audit trail should this be required at a later date

However, we recognise that some private landlords may not have an email address. In this instance, we are able to take a verbal reference direct from them as long as they are the property owner as shown on the Land Registry.

We do not take verbal references from letting agents – all letting agents have the means to reply in writing by email or fax.

Q: Why do you ask for a landlord reference when the applicant is being re-referenced?

A: Our reports are valid for 12 months, all references should be renewed after this time.

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