Say Goodbye to PreView and Hello to Connect365

We are very excited to announce the rebranding of our product, Connect365.

Connect365 is the relaunch of our existing product, PreView. We felt like the name needed a refresh to connect with what the product really is, an instant, complete tenant referencing report. We feel this new name reflects the product as you are able to complete this referencing report 24/7, 365 days a year. Meaning there is no waiting around for phone calls to be made and references to be filled out by employers or previous landlords.

Connect365 is our 4-minute tenant referencing report, which was the first instant report in the industry to go live. It truly is instant and eliminates human interaction, which slows the whole tenant application process down.

This report takes minutes to complete due to the ease of connecting to Open Banking and uploading proof of identity. Your tenant’s Connect365 report is sent directly to you, the letting agent, allowing your landlord to then make a quick and informed decision.

The speed of this report allows for decisions to be made quickly, benefitting everyone in this chain (tenant, landlord, letting agent). If the first tenant is not suitable, only 4-minutes are lost, other interested tenants will still be there – saving time for everyone involved. Comparing this to the timescale of traditional, manual referencing, other interested tenants will have moved on – slowing the whole process down and losing money for you and your landlord.

The other exciting and unique aspect of this Connect365 report is that your landlord can get rent insurance straight from this step. This can give them even more assurance about the choice they are making. This insurance policy helps guarantee rental payments and also provides an additional source of income for your agency.

This smart, secure Connect365 report is a new, innovative way for tenant referencing.

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