Connect365 Tenant Referencing

Simple, Secure, Digital Tenant Referencing

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Why use Connect365?

Factual analysis of prospective tenants using secure Open Banking and I.D. verification technology
Connect365 Reference Reports digitise and streamline the tenant approval process, requiring no paperwork or phone calls, saving you time and money
Your landlords can purchase Rent Protection Insurance against any tenant approved by a Keysafe Connect365 Report (backed by insurer Tenant Shop)
72% of all Connect365 Reports have proven prospective tenants financially suitable and credible, reducing the need for manual reference checks.
Keysafe can still perform manual reference checks when a prospective tenant is not approved, so there is nothing to lose.

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potential savings

Creating a Connect365 Reference Report costs just £5 and saves you an enormous amount of time and money.
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SAVINGS CALCULATOR References per month: Current reference cost: £2,700 /yr You could save: 15 £20

How does it work?

Provide us your tenant's name, email address and the key details about the tenancy.
Tenant receives an email with a link to securely connect their required credentials.
The tenant's information is intelligently analysed and your Connect365 Report is generated.

with insurance

Our Connect365 Reference Reports are so reliable that we are able to offer your landlords Rent Protection Insurance against any approved tenant. That's without a single manual reference check.
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72% of tenants are suitable for Rent Protection Insurance
Insurance from Payment Sheild

Our Partners

Global leaders in credit checking, collecting and aggregating information on over one billion individual consumers in over thirty countries.
Yoti Limited
Industry experts providing a simple and secure digital identity system utilised by Keysafe for checking documents for ID and Right to Rent in the UK.
Salt Edge Limited
Open Banking API facilitators woking in Europe, Asia and Pacific and the Americas, providing services to over 3000 banks, fintechs and lenders in over 60 countries.
Industry experts providing insurance to tenants and landlords. More than 25 years' experience working with some of the UK's best known insurers.

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What our clients say

Managing Director, Romans
"Connect365 has proven to be fast and effective for around 65% of our referencing needs. With the remaining 35% still requiring a traditional reference. The overall result is improved efficiencies and costs along with a better customer journey for both tenants and landlords."
Richard O'Neill
Managing Director, Romans
Connect365 Tenant Referencing

Simple, Secure, Digital Tenant Referencing

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